Web Integrated Network Group Services

W.I.N.G.S© is our breakthrough group services software that puts you in control of everything about your transportation, hotel, attraction, and dining packages. This new interactive system puts the group travel experience in your hands through your smartphone or tablet allowing you to always stay in touch.

Scroll down to learn about the exciting features and enhancements that will make your next group travel experience purely amazing!


With W.I.N.G.S© you can view all of your transportation services together in one place, allowing you to keep track of everywhere your group will be going. With quick access to your itinerary for the day, week, or month you can rest assured that your group is on time and in the right location, every time.

Your W.I.N.G.S© transportation service also includes GPS Tracking, giving you a birds eye view of your location, area, and arrival time. Rest assured knowing you are on the right path… or road.

Boarding Check

Pegasus wants to make sure whoever boards the bus is never left behind. With W.I.N.G.S© you will always know if everyone is together or if someone is missing with our boarding check option. Pegasus will create a special QR code for every passenger boarded creating a unique id that can be tracked by quickly scanning the code prior to departure.

Using the camera on your iPhone® or iPad®, quickly scan the QR code and W.I.N.G.S© will begin showing you all passengers that boarded in an easy to see list. Passengers who are not aboard will show in a list allowing you ample time to find them before leaving.

Rooming Lists

Traveling with a group can be difficult and trying to make sure everyone is in their correct room can be a nightmare. W.I.N.G.S© has you covered from being to end with our rooming list option. When booking your hotel reservations with Pegasus, we can upload all of your guests and rooms into a neat and easy to follow list allowing you access to all accommodations.

W.I.N.G.S© will show the amount of people per room, which specific room every guest should be in, check-in date, check-out date, and what hotel/resort. This allows you to make sure that everyone is where they should be, most of the time.


Pegasus is committed to being more than transportation by offering extras including dining reservations, theme park and attraction tickets, leisure activities, beach getaways, and more. We can arrange any event your group has in mind and place them in our W.I.N.G.S© system allowing you to view your events for the rest of your duration with us.

So now you can plan a beach getaway, track your transportation via GPS to and from your location, and make sure that your group will make your dinner reservations right on time. 

Add/Modify Services

Sometimes everything works out perfectly and sometimes you just need to adjust a few things. W.I.N.G.S© makes it easy by making sure you can always get in contact with us to request changes that fits your groups needs. When you notify us via W.I.N.G.S© our sales managers and coordinators will make sure that we can adjust your itinerary in a timely manner to get everything situated correctly.

We try our hardest to work with all groups, however, a request is a request and can not be guaranteed at any point.