Be Pure Magic

Grab your seat as the Orlando Magic take the court for their 2017-2018 season on a quest to capture their first a championship ring. See Aaron Gordon, Elfrid Payton, and Nikola Vucevic take on the NBA’s best in the City Beautiful, Orlando! Be part of the Magic!

When choosing a game to attend be sure to look at the color code “tier” associated with that game for pricing. Ticket price is based on section of seating and opponent that night. Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis and may sell out. Seating and pricing is subject to availability.

Miami HeatOct 18Four
Brooklyn NetsOct 24Seven
San Antonio SpursOct 27Three
Chicago BullsNov 3Five
Boston CelticsNov 5Three
New York KnicksNov 8Five
Utah JazzNov 18Seven
Indiana PacersNov 20Seven
Oklahoma City ThunderNov 29Four
Golden State WarriorsDec 1Two
Atlanta HawksDec 6Seven
Denver NuggetsDec 8Six
L.A. ClippersDec 13Five
Portland Trail BlazersDec 15Five
New Orleans PelicansDec 22Five
Detroit PistonsDec 28Four
Miami HeatDec 30Three
Houston RocketsJan 3Two
Cleveland CavaliersJan 6One
Minnesota TimberwolvesJan 16Four
Sacramento KingsJan 23Five
Los Angeles LakersJan 31Three
Washington WizardsFeb 3Five
Cleveland CavaliersFeb 6One
Atlanta HawksFeb 8Six
Milwaukee BucksFeb 10Five
Charlotte HornetsFeb 14Six
New York KnicksFeb 22Four
Toronto RaptorsFeb 28Five
Detroit PistonMar 2Six
Memphis GrizzliesMar 3Six
Milwaukee BucksMar 14Five
Boston CelticsMar 16Two
Toronto RaptorsMar 20Five
Philadelphia 76ersMar 22Five
Phoenix SunsMar 24Six
Brooklyn NetsMar 28Six
Chicago BullsMar 30Five
Dallas MavericksApr 4Six
Charlotte HornetsApr 6Five
Washington WizardsApr 11Four

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